How Our Psychiatric Philosophy Can Help You

At Between Two Gardens Psychiatry, we have built our psychiatric philosophy around five pillars. These pillar help guide you down the path of improving mental health and wellness. 

In this post we will be exploring what each of Between Two Gardens’ psychiatric philosophical pillars are and how we can help you.

Our Psychiatric Philosophy is Whole

In the modern world, the typical relationship between a client and a psychiatrist is a formal and transactional one – like visiting an accountant or mechanic, receive a recommendation, and book in for another service in a few months.

While this transactional exchange may work well for taxes and cars, it is too narrowly focused to adequately address something as complex as the human experience.

At Between Two Gardens Psychiatry, we treat you as a whole – with clear clinical practice and medical advice, as well as coaching and a supportive community. 

Let There Be Three

By breaking down major themes, challenges, and issues into smaller steps, we are able to deal with them better than if we try to tackle it all at once. We focus on three vital areas: mood stabilization, nutrition psychiatry and cognitive health.

Everything we do together to further your mental wellbeing will come from one of these areas. 

Our Lies Are Not Our Stories

When our inner voice lies to us, it can feel like reality. When your inner voice tells you that you are not enough, too much, too plain, we start to believe that.

So how to we work towards good mental wellbeing? By undoing the belief in those lies and working on silencing that nasty inner monologue of negativity.

These lies are not you.

Pills Only Play a Part

Cheese on pizza is great. But if you ordered a pizza and a box full of cheese showed up, you’d feel a little cheated.

On the other hand, some people don’t need cheese but still need pizza. Others can’t have cheese for one reason or another, but they also still need pizza. 

Pharmaceuticals are a great supporter of mental wellbeing – they can help you to stabilize hormones, chemical imbalances, and more. But they are only one remedy.

To create a solid plan for advancing your mental wellbeing you need to have other types of support to progress sustainably and effectively. We firmly believe that while medication can play a major role, there are other ingredients needed to succeed fully. 

Our Psychiatric Philosophy Minus the Stigma

In the world we are all creating – there is no room for stigma around mental health. Every person in the world has mental health, and so you can only choose between caring for it or not caring for it.

Our psychiatric philosophy seeks to discard the stigma around seeking help. We encourage and empower every single person who decides to start. 

We believe in a supportive community, so schedule an alignment call and see how we can help you on your way to better mental wellbeing.