Choose a Mental Health Provider Who Uses a Multi-Pronged Approach

How to choose a mental health provider that uses a multi-pronged approach to maximize results.

When All You Have is a Hammer, Every Problem Looks Like a Nail

It can be seen in many professions – no matter the problem, the people trained in that thing will declare that their solution is the only way. Logically, we all know that there is not one sole answer to our problem, but likely a combination of things that make up the answer.

When it comes to a mental health provider there is a tendency to look for a silver bullet or magic pill. While medications can have an enormous impact on a persons mental health – and is often a necessary part of keeping them healthy – there is a huge benefit in equipping that person with tools and resources outside of medication. 

How to Put Together a Tool Kit for Mental Health

This one cannot be answered in great detail in a simple blog post, but the basics of the idea can be.

A mental health provider and wellness solution is never one single thing, there must be a support network of strategies and frameworks to help you achieve and maintain your wellness. 

Lets take a look at anxiety. Medication can help decrease overall anxiety and help to treat acute anxiety spikes, but learning grounding techniques and daily practices to help manage an anxious response in combination with medication provides a more encompassing therapy – and is therefore more resilient. 

A more resilient mental wellness tool kit means that if you forget to take your meds or the pharmacy cant get it in, you have a series of supporting habits and actions that can help you not to fall. Similarly, if you are too anxious to use your frameworks, medication can help you get to a point where you are calm enough to deal with your situation.

Choose a Provider Who Can Treat the Whole Problem, Not Just the Symptoms

Treating the underlying contributing factors as well as the symptoms of a problem is a key aspect of achieving and maintaining mental wellness.

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