The Anxiety Guidebook:
Approaching the What’s, Why’s, and How’s of Anxiety


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Still struggling to determine if you have true anxiety beyond what would be considered normal anxiety?
Or express to others how you feel so they understand?
Or so that you can understand yourself better?

Say hello to this simple ANXIETY GUIDEBOOK.

This 16 page guidebook is short and sweet but will help you understand anxiety better from a professional preceptive. You will be able to identify your symptoms, how they manifest in your every day life through behaviors you may not even realize yourself! You will also get some tips to help manage anxiety and direction on what to do next.

A simple guide created by:

  • Shantelle Brokaw | Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner  + Content Creator

Finally, understand your experience with anxiety and be on your way to knowing better what you need to start feeling good!

“This anxiety guide book was incredibly helpful. It was a comprehensive guide for supporting oneself with anxiety.
I particularly appreciated the scoring tool included for anxiety- which helps the reader see in which areas of their life they may be experiencing anxiety and then which areas of the brain this connects to! This was super helpful to me as a visual learner to better understand how anxiety arises in my life.

The guide then offers concrete ways to support oneself in these areas, and lastly next steps to seek further help and support for anxiety.

I would recommend this guide to anyone, from those who think they may be experiencing anxiety, to those who know that they experience anxiety, to those who just want to better support themselves in general!
Thanks Shantelle for this amazing tool!”

– Finnian B.