How Integrative Psychiatry Helps Women Experiencing ADHD

ADHD can be such a frustrating experience and sometimes as women we feel lost on how to manage it or even treat it.

In this video, I’m going to walk you through why an integrative approach to ADHD is the best approach to treat ADHD.

Identify the Type of ADHD

When treating ADHD in my clients, the first thing I do is to determine the type. Not everyone who has ADHD does well with the classic treatment of using a stimulant.

But if we look at the root cause for the symptoms we can better identify the type and choose the right medication for that type of ADHD for better outcomes.

Determine If Supplements are Needed

The second aspect of my integrative approach is to determine if supplements would be useful in helping to manage ADHD symptoms depending on the type. There are even some supplements that could be used for treatment instead of conventional medicine.

The majority of the women I work with typically have a combination of medication and supplements and have found that to be really effective.

Nutrition Psychiatry

The third aspect of my integrative approach is nutrition psychiatry.

ADHD is largely affected by what you eat. You can either make your symptoms worse by eating the wrong foods at certain times of the day or you can improve your symptoms by eating the right types of food in conjunction with the right time of day.

I have many clients who work on their diet to manage ADHD that either results in decreasing the stimulant dose or completely discontinuing medication for treatment.

So if you are struggling with ADHD, and you would like an integrative approach to address it, schedule an alignment call today. In the 20 minute alignment call, I seek to better understand your experience and we can determine together if we might be a good fit.