How Integrative Psychiatry Helps Women Experiencing Depression

Depression can be such a debilitating experience and, sometimes as women, we feel lost how to manage it or even treat it.

In this video, I’m going to walk you through why an integrative approach to depression is the best approach to treating depression.

Identify the Type of Depression

The first thing I do is I identify the type of depression someone is experiencing based on how their symptoms manifest in their lives. Maybe your depression is situational or clinical.

Once we identify the type of depression we can better choose the right class of antidepressants that will work best for you.

Determine If Supplements are Needed

The second aspect of my integrative approach is to determine if supplements are needed to treat the depression.

There are different supplements that can act similar to antidepressants and sometimes are a better option for some individuals, especially those that may be sensitive to antidepressants and their dosing.

Not all supplements are created equal. We can make sure to recommend the best brands with the right dosing for your needs to help the brain heal, offering more stability and a better future.

Nutrition Psychiatry

The third aspect of my integrative approach is nutrition psychiatry.

Because our brains are affected by everything in our lives, food and diet can either help you heal and live well or they can hinder you. There are certain foods that help support a happier, less foggy mood and we develop treatment plans that provide you with food ideas that will help lift your mood and support a healthy mind.

So if you are struggling with depression, and you would like an integrative approach to address it, schedule an alignment call today. In the 20 minute alignment call, I seek to better understand your experience and we can determine together if we might be a good fit working together to treat your depression.