3 Reasons Why Integrative Psychiatry is The Best Approach to Women’s Mental Health

​Many women experience symptoms of anxiety and depression and could benefit from supportive mental health care that addresses the totality of who we are as women.

One-on-one modern psychiatry, however, has become quite prescriptive, short-sighted and pharmaceutical. It’s about getting you in and out, filled and refilled with prescription medicine.

Modern psychiatry is short-sighted because it often addresses a single part of an entire whole, and it’s failing too many of us. We’re missing a holistic approach to our mental health that addresses not just our mind but our bodies, and even our faith.


In this video I’ll share 3 reasons why Integrative Psychiatry is the best way to support a woman’s mental health.

Reason Number 1: Integrative Psychiatry Identifies the Right Medication Not Just Pushing Pills.

Mental health is complex and traditional psychiatry approaches treating anxiety and depression from a one size fits all solution. Anxiety and depression symptoms don’t always look the same for everyone. And for women there are other things to consider like hormonal changes throughout the lifespan and changes with having children.

An Integrative approach recognizes that the causes of anxiety and depression are multi-faceted and deserve to be treated differently for the benefit of the client.

At Between Two Gardens we ask the right questions, analyze your symptoms, and choose the right medication that will provide you relief, setting the foundation to get you back to feeling like yourself.

Reason Number 2: Integrative Psychiatry Is About Your Brain Health.

Integrative psychiatry does not just treat anxiety and depression with the use of medications but considers the overall health of your brain now and for the future you.

Our brains are influenced by everything we do, what we see, what we smell, what we eat, and what we do physically throughout our day.

That’s why we create treatment plans that address possible deficiencies related to nutrition as well as physical movement/exercise plans that best support your brain and will improve your symptoms.

When you have the right medication that is supported with healthy choices that improves your brain health, you’ll see quicker and longer lasting results in your mental health.

Reason Number 3: Integrative Psychiatry Paired With Counseling Is A Powerful Combination.

Our thoughts play one of the most important roles in our ability to achieve mental wellness. Medications, supplements, and even food help provide relief from anxiety and depression but we may still have learned ways of thinking that contribute negatively to our day-to-day mental health.

That is why, for many of the women I work with, I encourage them to work closely with a therapist to help them process those past and current events that fuel their anxiety & depression and gain tools to manage it. We will also work closely with you and your therapist if needed.

Most of the women I work with see the best results when they are receiving integrative psychiatry AND counseling support.

Restoring and strengthening your mental health should be comfortable, easy to receive and the norm for everyone with or without a diagnosis. As women, we need to collectively move our way out of the cliches and stigmas that have kept us in the dark for so long.

If you have a brain, you are shepherding your mental health whether you’re intentional about it or not, so we need to empower and encourage anyone courageous enough to look for help and applaud anyone receiving it.

At Between Two Gardens Psychiatry, we treat you as a whole through a balance of clear clinical knowledge and responsible medical practice.

If you think you would benefit from an integrative approach to support your mental health, schedule an alignment call today. In this free 20 minute alignment call, I get a better understanding of what you are experiencing and see if we are a good fit to work together.

So schedule your free alignment call today and we look forward to speaking with you soon.